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Toilet Retrofit Rebate Application

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  2. Rebate Information

    The Toilet Retrofit rebate encourages removal of toilets using 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF) or higher and replacement with an ultra-high efficiency, water saving toilet using 0.8 gallons per flush or less.

    Applications are processed in the order received and rebates are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. Funding is limited. Rebate will reimburse participant up to $150 of the purchase price of a new toilet (excluding installation costs, taxes and shipping/handling) up to a maximum of four (4) toilets. Residential and non-residential customers are eligible for this rebate. All expenses are out-of-pocket to the applicant. Toilets must be new and meet qualifying criteria. Toilet must be purchased and installed at the water account address, in the Town of Castle Rock Water service area, during the current rebate year. The "old" toilet must be delivered to Castle Rock Water, by appointment, for recycling.

  3. Qualified applicants are required to attend a Water Wiser Workshop.
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  6. 3. "Old" Toilet Information

    To be eligible for a rebate, you are required to bring in the less water efficient toilet at a prescribed scheduled time. Old toilets must be prepared and cannot be dropped off without an appointment.

  7. 4. "New" Toilet Information
    The toilet must be a new, ultra-high efficiency toilet that uses 0.8 gallons per flush or less. Actual water savings may vary.
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    Upon approval of this application, the Town of Castle Rock has the right and license to use my image, likeness, and comments in Castle Rock materials for internal and external audiences. These materials include, but are not limited to, advertisements, brochures, new releas-es, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, videos, and presentations.
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