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Rotary Nozzle Retrofit Rebate Application

  1. Rebate Information
    The Rotary Nozzle Retrofit rebate is offered one-time per service location. This rebate specifically targets the replacement of less efficient, traditional fixed or adjustable arc spray nozzles with more efficient rotary nozzles. In most cases, the retrofit can be accomplished by simply removing the old spray nozzle and replacing with the new rotary nozzle. Generally, replacement of the entire sprinkler head is not necessary. Rebate is for the purchase price of the nozzle (excluding installation costs, taxes, shipping/handling) up to $5 each. Non-residential max. is $2,000. These water conserving nozzles are recommended in conjunction with a 6-inch pop-up height sprinkler head for turf areas, and a 12-inch pop-up height for native areas. Actual water savings may vary.
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    To be eligible for a rebate, you are required to bring in all of the nozzles that were replaced as part of the application. The old nozzles will be recycled by the Town of Castle Rock. Rotary nozzles must be installed in the Town's water service area, during the current rebate year. Actual water savings may vary.
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