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    The ColoradoScape Renovation Rebate encourages residential water customers to convert high-water plant materials into water wise landscapes. A primary purpose of this rebate is for the removal of healthy turf and the replacement with low-water materials so that water savings is realized. Specific qualifications are required and outlined in this form.

    Application prior to landscape renovation is required along with several additional qualifications. Please verify that your project meets these requirements.

  2. Requirements*

    Please read through and acknowledge each requirement.

  3. Please let us know if you need Castle Rock Water to confirm date of attendance.

  4. Water budget
    ColoradoScape renovations will result in changes to the irrigated area used to calculate the monthly water budget for this property. A water budget adjustment application must be submitted prior to project completion. The adjustment form will be provided by the Program Administrator.
  5. Preferred rebate method:*

    Rebated funds may take three to six months to process.

  6. Photo Release

    I hereby grant the Town of Castle Rock the right and license to use my image, likeness and comments in Castle Rock materials for internal and external audiences. These materials include, but are not limited to, advertisement, brochures, news release, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, videos, presentations and websites.

  8. (This will be verified during initial site inspection.)

  9. Please upload a picture of the (turf) area that is planned for renovation. 

  10. Installation to Be Performed by
  11. Please upload a sketch or plan of the renovation design with plant, mulch and hardscape planned.

  12. How Will Your Landscape Be Watered?
  13. Location to be renovated:*
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