Embrace Conservation

Conserving Our Water

Gallons per capita daily 2022Water is a vital resource that we can no longer take for granted. As we slowly deplete our underground aquifer and look for renewable water, the first step for ensuring water now, and in the future, starts with you. Conserving water, or just using it efficiently, is the first step.

Simply using less water in your everyday actions reduces the need to purchase water, cutting costs and reducing water bills. For instance, if Castle Rock residents used 8 gallons per day less throughout the year, a potential savings of $19 million in future water acquisitions could be realized!  

Castle Rock Water thanks our residents for embracing a conservation culture. When Townwide conservation measures were put in place in 2006, we saw an initial reduction in our average daily, per-person consumption of 20%!  

The ultimate goal is to reduce our consumption to 100 gallons per capita daily by 2050. That goal is achievable because you, our residents, have shown it’s possible. Small steps at home can have big impacts.

The need for conservation is not unique to Castle Rock. All of the Western U.S. has embarked on aggressive water conservation efforts. Diminishing resources, increased population and drought considerations have all impacted how water providers are acquiring, using and storing water. Water providers are working collectively on long-term plans with diversified strategies. The key is to be proactive. Castle Rock Water is a leader in the industry incorporating these strategies, and conservation is only one piece of the water puzzle.

Castle Rock Water will continue to manage long-term planning, forecast financial modeling and build supply projects. We’ll also provide you, the Castle Rock resident, the tools to conserve more to further embrace conservation. What we save today, will be available for our future.