ColoradoScape Contest

The Castle Rock Water ColoradoScape Contest is an annual social media contest designed to spread the message about the beauty, ease and water savings from a xeric design. A major directive of this campaign is to remove the water-guzzling lawn and replace it with a yard that is more inviting and purposeful. Each year, Castle Rock Water requests a 30 to 60 second video to be posted on social media that tout the benefits of a ColoradoScape. Five finalists are chosen and voted on by the public. The video with the most votes wins a new front yard ColoradoScape! The next event is tentatively scheduled for April 2023 and will be promoted on the Town of Castle Rock's social media sites.

ColoradoScape is the use of regionally-adaptive plants that blend with the Castle Rock environment. The contest winners worked with our designers to put their own desires in the design--whether that be a whimsical path through an abundance of perennials, yucca and rock with low maintenance, a welcoming flagstone path with large trees to fill the space or seasonal flowers to be enjoyed by the neighborhood kids.

2022 Winner

The Stephens only ever walked on their lawn to mow it. Now, they have a meandering path to experience the more than 80 seasonally blooming perennials. Large boulders add to the depth and provide a calming spot to have morning coffee. Frank, the gargoyle, has found a new spot, too, among the flowing pincushion flowers. By year three, this Cottage-style design will be established and filled in with large mounds of bellflower, daisies and columbine.

Thank you to our landscape contractor, DCM&R Landscaping, and to Rainbird who donated the drip system and smart controller.

Stephens year - before
Amy n Shawn Stephens ColoradoScape

2021 WinnerTracewell's ColoradoScape

The Tracewell family, with their Star Wars themed video entry, received the most votes for their creative message about how their yard sucks....water, that is. Tearing out that water-guzzling lawn is a high priority to reduce water use and maintenance issues. The wish is to add colorful plants that grow easily and without much care in Castle Rock's semi-arid, high-desert environment. Blue Spruce, Goldenrain Tree, Walker's Low Catmint and Red Rocks Penstemon are on their wish list. Around 40 plants were installed and with efficient drip irrigation directed to the roots of the plants, they are expected to double in size next year! A primary flagstone path that welcomes guests and two large trees to fill in large spaces on the side of the house add value and structure!

Thank you to our landscape contractor, JPL Cares and our irrigation sponsor, Toro.

2020 Winner

The Lenz family was chosen as the winner for the second annual ColoradoScape contest. Their video, with a Cat in the Hat theme identified the trials and tribulations with managing a large, water-hogging yard with nothing but Kentucky Bluegrass. Now, the family enjoys a yard with more versatility and color with less water use and less maintenance. 

A gorgeous flagstone path meanders through penstemon and reed grasses, while black granite boulders are accents by a Canadian Red Chokecherry tree and Blue Flax flowers. They had a specific request of yuccas which should provide enormous creamy white blooms each year. The landscape installation was done with the help of Hunter Irrigation and Lighting, JSC Property Maintenance and Arbor Valley Wholesale Nursery. 

2019 Winner

The Schuman’s were chosen through social media as the first winner of a new front yard for the 2019 ColoradoScape Contest. No longer are they wrangling the lawn mower, but are now enjoying a low-water, low-maintenance front yard with stunning curb appeal. 

Thank you to our sponsors:

YMS Landscaping
Rainbird Irrigation & Lighting
Canvas Credit Union
Water Lite Garden Designs
Arbor Valley Wholesale Nursery
C&C Stone

2021 Memmen front door
Schuman yr 3
Lenz yr 2
Tracewell yr 1