ColoradoScape Contest

Does your lawn suck? Water, that is. 
Then, it’s time to transform to a water-wise ColoradoScape!

ColoradoScape contest logo 2023

Each year, Castle Rock Water gives away a front yard landscape makeover to one lucky resident who wants to include less turf and more water-wise plants into their landscape. For this social media campaign, residents can post a video explaining the benefits a water-wise ColoradoScape will make for them and their landscape. The community votes on their favorite to pick the winner. The most educational and entertaining videos will garner those votes.

A team of experts will transform the winner's water-thirsty yard into a vibrant, colorful and seasonal landscape that is more conducive to our Castle Rock environment. With more than 1.5 billion gallons of water being poured onto our yards each summer, reducing turf and introducing more water-wise plants, is the recommended conservation measure to help add to long-term sustainability. Removing just 100 square feet of turf and replacing it with ColoradoScape can save 1,000 gallons of water per season!

Contest dates

The contest officially runs April 1 through April 30, 2024. (But you can start planning now!)

The rules

To enter:

  • Use your media device (phone, tablet) and create a video, 30 to 60 seconds long, that shares your water conservation tips or how you will benefit from saving water in the landscape.
  • Post your video any time between April 1 and April 30 to your favorite social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), mark it as PUBLIC and tag @CRgov.
  • Complete the entry form to provide your participant information including contact information and a copy of your video.  
  • You will receive an entry confirmation upon completing the form. If you don't receive it or have any questions, please email us.
  • Five finalists will be chosen and then posted to the Town of Castle Rock's Facebook Page. The public is invited to LIKE their favorites and the video with the most votes, wins!  Four runners-up get a Garden In A Box to get them started on their own ColoradoScape transformation.

Some tips:

  • The most educational and entertaining videos will be selected as the top 5 finalists and will then be voted on by the public. The cutest, kitschiest, and funniest videos will garner more votes.
  • Video editing knowledge isn't needed. Play to your strengths and include pets, kids or your special talent. Simply be creative and authentic but be sure to get the conservation message in! Past winners created a poem, dressed in costumes, and included their kids.
  • Shoot the video in the horizontal position and ensure the audio comes through well.
  • For more tips, see Frequently Asked Questions, below.

Enter the Sweepstakes:

  • Complete the entry form (available April 1) to provide your participant information including contact information and a copy of your video.  

Read the Rules and Regulations (PDF) and contact us via email if you have more questions.

2023 Winner

Our 2023 ColoradoScape contest winners, the Kirkegaard's, sang the woes of a yard that took too much water, maintenance and money. Now they have a yard worthy of an Oscar. They will mow no more and instead will get to mark the growth of their little one next to their October Glory maple, reminisce over California poppies of their time living on the West Coast, and welcome friends and relatives along the flower-laden meandering path. Thank you to our sponsors, BLR Creative for the design, Valor Landscape for the installation, SiteOne Landscape Supply for the materials, Rain Bird for the irrigation equipment and Hunter Industries for the lighting — and for creating one more beautiful yard that saves water!

ColoradoScape 2023 winning home AFTER
ColoradoScape 2023 winning home lit up at night

2022 Winner

The Stephens only ever walked on their lawn to mow it. Now, they have a meandering path to experience the more than 80 seasonally blooming perennials. Large boulders add to the depth and provide a calming spot to have morning coffee. Frank, the gargoyle, has found a new spot, too, among the flowing pincushion flowers. By year three, this Cottage-style design will be established and filled in with large mounds of bellflower, daisies and columbine.

Thank you to our landscape contractor, DCM&R Landscaping, and to Rainbird who donated the drip system and smart controller.

Amy n Shawn Stephens ColoradoScape

2021 Winner

The Tracewell family, with their Star Wars themed video entry, received the most votes for their creative message about how their yard sucks....water, that is. Tearing out that water-guzzling lawn is a high priority to reduce water use and maintenance issues. The wish is to add colorful plants that grow easily and without much care in Castle Rock's semi-arid, high-desert environment. Blue Spruce, Goldenrain Tree, Walker's Low Catmint and Red Rocks Penstemon are on their wish list. Around 40 plants were installed and with efficient drip irrigation directed to the roots of the plants, they are expected to double in size next year! A primary flagstone path that welcomes guests and two large trees to fill in large spaces on the side of the house add value and structure!

Thank you to our landscape contractor, JPL Cares and our irrigation sponsor, Toro.

Tracewell's ColoradoScape

2020 Winner

The Lenz family was chosen as the winner for the second annual ColoradoScape contest. Their video, with a Cat in the Hat theme identified the trials and tribulations of managing a large, water-hogging yard with nothing but Kentucky Bluegrass. Now, the family enjoys a yard with more versatility and color with less water use and less maintenance. 

A gorgeous flagstone path meanders through penstemon and reed grasses, while black granite boulders are accented by a Canadian Red Chokecherry tree and Blue Flax flowers. They had a specific request of yuccas which should provide enormous creamy white blooms each year. The landscape installation was done with the help of Hunter Irrigation and Lighting, JSC Property Maintenance and Arbor Valley Wholesale Nursery. 

2019 Winner

The Schuman’s were chosen through social media as the first winner of a new front yard for the 2019 ColoradoScape Contest. No longer are they wrangling the lawn mower, but are now enjoying a low-water, low-maintenance front yard with stunning curb appeal. 

Thank you to our sponsors:

YMS Landscaping
Rainbird Irrigation & Lighting
Canvas Credit Union
Water Lite Garden Designs
Arbor Valley Wholesale Nursery
C&C Stone

2021 Memmen front door
Schuman yr 3
Lenz yr 2
Tracewell yr 1