ColoradoScape Gallery

What is a ColoradoScape?

Colorado is known for being colorful and that's just what our landscapes should be! Our yards don’t have to be just green with too much lawn, or just brown with too much rock! Our Castle Rock landscape should have the purple of salvia and white of daisies; the creaminess of yuccas and orange of poppies; the red of wispy grasses and the pink of crabapple blossoms.  

ColoradoScape is a natural landscape, comprised of low to very-low water-use-plant material, which blends in with the native Castle Rock landscape. This landscaping utilizes a combination of hardscape and landscape materials, providing a variety of colors, textures, sizes, shapes, and seasonal interest.

If this sounds a bit like a xeriscape, that’s because it is! Xeriscape is not the expanse of rock with the absence of plants. It is the reduction of turf and the use of low-water-use plants and hardscape materials designed to have seasonal interest. Castle Rock is changing landscape design from xeric to colorful.

Want to show the rest of us how it is done? Send us photos of your ColoradoScape landscape to highlight in our gallery! (Many of these photos are from Castle Rock residents who participated in the several Smartscape Contests!)