Learn to Conserve

Castle Rock Water provides opportunities to learn how to become more efficient with your water usage. Workshops are scheduled at various times throughout the irrigation season. Programs, such as classroom presentations and water treatment plant tours, are available year-round and upon request.

Water Wiser Workshops: SmartScape Solutions

Did you realize you could be wasting between 20 and 75 percent of your sprinkler water?Discover if you are using the right sprinkler for the job, how to fix common irrigation problems, and simple steps to understand your landscape-watering needs.

There is no charge to attend these workshops; however, registration is required. If you are unable to attend the workshop, please cancel your registration to allow another customer on the wait list to attend.

Completion of this free workshop earns you a “Water Wiser” designation and exempts you from the every-third-day watering schedule. Please note that with new technology and best practices being developed, residents must attend a Water Wiser workshop every five years to maintain the Water Wiser designation. In-person and online renewal courses are available.

COVID-19 response

In light of the health orders for social distancing, the 2020 Water Wiser courses will be conducted through a virtual WebEx meeting and subsequent online course and test. Both the virtual meeting and the online course and test are required for successful completion of the course. Please be aware, the virtual WebEx meeting will also require your video presence to confirm attendance. The WebEx invitation and course requirements will be emailed to you one business day prior to the scheduled workshop. The meeting will begin 15 minutes early for participants wanting to familiarize themselves with the WebEx features. 


Class Type Date Time Location
Water Wiser Tuesday,
Aug. 4
9 a.m.-noon WebEx/Online
Water Wiser Tuesday,
Aug. 18
6-9 p.m. WebEx/Online
Water Wider Tuesday,
Sept. 15
6-9 p.m. WebEx/Online
Water Wiser Thursday,
Oct. 1
6-9 p.m. WebEx/Online
Water Wiser Renewal  Location  
Water Wiser Renewal* Online Register

ColoradoScape Design Workshop

This workshop focuses on Colorado xeriscape style and provides design ideas that are aesthetically beautiful and diverse, while also fitting in with the high, arid climate of Castle Rock. Discover the benefits of low-water-use plants and watering considerations, as well as how to remove a lawn, how to properly plant a tree and how to water xeric plants.

ColoradoScape Design classes are typically held in April and May. Check back for the class schedule. In the meantime, start your planning with these tools.

Winterization Workshop

Wonder why some yards just seem to perk right up in the spring? It’s winter preparation. This workshop demonstrates the importance of reducing water use as temperatures decline and identifies areas of yard maintenance that are often overlooked - including seasonal fertilization, pruning, mulching and aeration. There is no charge to attend this workshop; however, registration is required.


Class Date Time Location
Winterization** Thursday,
Sept. 24
6-8 p.m. WebEx/Online

* Designed for current Water Wiser participants
** Does not qualify toward becoming a Water Wiser participant


Rick Schultz, Water Conservation Specialist. Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor (CLIA), Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper (QWEL), and certified QWEL trainer. Practical experience in the areas of indoor and outdoor water efficiency, leak detection, and irrigation water management.

Linda Gould, Water Conservation Technician. Colorado Gardener Certificate (CGC) through CSU Extension, Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor (CLIA), Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper (QWEL), and certified QWEL trainer. Practical experience in the areas of indoor and outdoor water efficiency and ColoradoScape design.

Ruth Stadler, Castle Rock Water Conservation Plan Reviewer. Master’s in horticulture, plus more than 30 years of experience designing and building xeriscapes.