1. Water waste running down sidewalkHelp us be good stewards

    As good stewards of our most precious resource, Castle Rock Water tries to keep an eye on water waste—and nip it in the bud. If there is water running down the street, help fix it. If your neighbor has an issue, knock on their door. If your HOA is overwatering, give them a call. If a park is soggy, call us. And if there is water gushing from anywhere, call us, immediately. Most of the water issues are from customer accounts and are not the Town. We don’t own the medians, many open spaces in neighborhoods or business lots. But we know who does… If you see accidental or illegal dumping into stormdrains or onto nearby lots, we’d like to know too. We protect our water quality as well as minimizing water waste. We have after hours prompts and on-call staff, so feel free to call us at any time at 730-733-6000. And if you are inclined to send pictures, email us at waterconservation@CRgov.com