1. Demo Xeriscape Garden4We are making ColoradoScape the norm!

    Town Council unanimously passed the regulation that all new homes will not be allowed to have any grass lawn in the front yard and be restricted to 500 square feet in the back. Non-residential properties can not have grass turf in non-functional areas (where people don't walk and play). The regulation goes into effect Jan. 1, 2023, and applies to newly built properties only and not existing homes. Castle Rock Water has been working with developers on various ColoradoScape designs in order to keep an aesthetic that matches our Castle Rock terrain. With almost half of all the water used in Town going to landscapes, this regulation will make huge strides in our goal to reduce average daily water usage from 117 to 100 gallons per person per day, and help ensure a strong water future.

  2. Kitchen sink drainThe number one overlooked water waster in the kitchen…is the garbage disposal. This marvelous modern invention reduces the worry of small pieces of food clogging up the drain. However, with garbage disposals, more food and waste gets sent down the drain. This greasy food can coat pipes which can still create clogs and nasty smells. Garbage disposals are also not good for water conservation as it takes more water to wash the food scraps down. Scraping food scraps from plates and dishes into the trash can help prevent water waste and issues with clogged and smelly drains.