1. Give the gift of a sustainable water future with these water conscious gifts.

    Whole house water monitor gift with phone app displayA whole house water monitoring system with an automatic shutoff. For the tech-savvy person who likes to keep tabs on everything. See when, how much and potentially where that water usage is. Plus, we’ve got a rebate up to $200 off!

    Heat shutoff showerhead. Attached this little do-hicky to your shower and it will shut off when the appropriate temperature is reached. It allows you to multi-task while waiting for hot water to arrive without wasting water or energy.

    A year of car washes. Washing your car at a local car wash takes less water than hand-washing and prevents pollutant from reaching our waterways.

    Refillable water bottle. It’s an oldie but goodie--giving a cute refillable cup is a great way to promote hydration health and reduce plastic waste in the environment. Did you know, it takes 2 liters of water to make a 1-liter bottle?