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this plant is on your list Acer platanoides 'Columnar' : Columnar Norway Maple

  • Category:Trees
  • Sub Category: Deciduous, Large Canopy
  • Xeriscape Style: Cottage Garden
  • Relative Size:
    Relative size for plant group (e.g. Deciduous Shrubs, Evergreen Trees)
    , Large
  • Height/Width: 50.00 ft. X 15.00 ft.
  • Ft. on Center:15.00
  • Water Needs:
    Very Low = 1”/month
    Low = 2”/month
    Medium = 3”/month
    High = 4”/month
  • Sun Exposure: Any
  • Fire Resistant: No
  • Notes: Street Tree. Medium to moist water needs; urban street tree
  • Photo Credit: City of Castle Rock