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Fill the Rock - Week 2 Activities

  1. Win, Conserve, Win!

    Help us Fill the Rock with daily water conservation efforts. Weekly, enter each conservation action you have taken according to the calendar tips. Each action you log will be entered into a weekly, random drawing. Winners will be chosen each Sunday and notified via email that following week. If you take these actions after the closing Sunday, you will only be entered in to win the grand prize smart irrigation controller, but your actions will help us Fill the Rock!

  2. I am a Castle Rock resident. You must be a resident to play.

  3. I am 18 years old or older

    Residents under 18 can play, but prizes will need to be claimed by an adult.

  4. Week 2: July 8 - 14

    Week 2 prizes include: a 20-punch pass for the Castle Rock Recreation Center, a saving water kit with shower head, two 'I am a Rock' water bottles, two auto shut-off hose sprayers, and two five-minute shower timers.

  5. 8. Calculator your run-time

    How do you calculate the time on your irrigation controller?

  6. Wonder how conservation fits into the water puzzle? Ask a question and we will post answers here on Plus you can find more on how we do water at both and .

  7. 10. Control the controller

    Find videos on on how to program your irrigation controller for Cycle and Soak. Do you provide a healthier landscape by using Cycle and Soak?

  8. 11. Get your rebate on

    Were you aware that Castle Rock Water provides rebates for $1 per square foot of turf removal, up to $5 for rotary sprinkler nozzles and 50% off smart irrigation controllers for both residential and non-residential customers?

  9. 12. Only rain in the storm drain

    Storm drains lead directly to our creek. I pledge to do the following to prevent pollution of our drinking water source.

  10. I took a peak at the Plant Finder on and among the 275 plants listed that do well in Castle Rock, I found this great low-water use plant:

  11. 14. Soak instead of rinse

    Small everyday actions can add up. I will:

  12. Thank you!

    Once you submit your answers, you have been entered into the weekly drawing for prizes. Come back next week to log more -- and save more!

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