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Fill the Rock - Week 1 Activities

  1. Win, Conserve, Win!

    Help us Fill the Rock with daily water conservation efforts. Weekly, enter each conservation action you have taken according to the calendar tips. Each action you log will be entered into a weekly, random drawing. Winners will be chosen each Sunday and notified via email that following week. If you take these actions after the closing Sunday, you will only be entered in to win the grand prize smart irrigation controller, but your actions will help us Fill the Rock!

  2. I am a Castle Rock resident. You must be a resident to play.

  3. I am 18 years old or older

  4. Week 1: July 1 - 7

    Week 1 prizes include: a 20-punch pass for the MAC, a saving water kit with shower head, two 'I am a Rock' water bottles, two auto shut-off hose sprayers, and two five-minute shower timers.

  5. 1. Pledge to conserve!

    I understand that every drop counts and will take daily actions to be more efficient with my water usage.

  6. 2. Get smart with irrigation

    July is Smart Irrigation month and the time to pay extra attention to fixing leaks, realigning sprinkler heads and programming for Cycle and Soak. How did you get smart?

  7. 3. Plan your ColoradoScape

    A ColoradoScape adds more color and diversity to your landscape and encourages the reduction of water-guzzling turf. What do you like most about incorporating ColoradoScape into your landscape?

  8. I would like to learn more about our award winning drinking water and have signed up for one of the tours at Plum Creek Water Purification Facility that are conducted free every fourth Wednesday of the month. I went to and booked a tour for this date:

  9. Leaks are the #1 water waster and account for 10 percent of all water used nationally! Where can you learn to track down leaks using your water meter?

  10. 6. Do you water wisely?

    There is a better way to water your lawn and landscape that conserves water and encourages healthier plants. Sign up for a Water Wiser workshop to learn how. (A conservation specialist will contact you regarding registration.)

  11. 7. Dive into water quality

    I understand that keeping our water clean helps conserve resources. I plan to keep my neighborhood clean by:

  12. Thank you!

    Once you submit your answers, you have been entered into the weekly drawing for prizes. Come back next week to log more -- and save more!

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