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Water Wiser Workshop

  1. Become "Water Wise" by attending one of our workshops!


    If more than one person from your household will be attending, list below:

  3. Water Wiser participant*

    The workshops listed below are designed for new water wiser participants; however, anyone can attend. Have you previously attended a water wiser workshop?

  4. Select the Workshop you wish to attend:

  5. Renewal Water Wiser

    These condensed courses are for Water Wiser participants who are eligible to renew their designation. If you have never taken the course or if your designation is more than 5 years old, you are not eligible for this course.

  6. Workshops held at Castle Rock Water

    Please enter Gate C
    Castle Rock Water, O&M Building, 183 Kellogg Ct.

  7. Workshops are offered at no charge, but registration is required.

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