Posted on: February 3, 2017

Castle Rock Water recognized as industry leader

Whether it’s paving the way with its long-term water plan, rising to the challenge of having the best tasting water in Colorado or setting an example for conservation – Castle Rock Water is leading the way in the water industry. Now, a series of awards has recognized the department for its work.


On Tuesday, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment presented Town Council the Gold Award in the Pursing Excellence Program for Castle Rock Water’s efforts in going above and beyond regulatory compliance. Castle Rock Water is the first water provider in Colorado to receive the Gold Tier. 


The award named the Town’s steps to be a leader in the industry and share best practices with other organizations. The department was also recognized for a wide range of plans exemplifying advancing water technologies. Those plans included the H2OAccess billing system; the installation of mixers to the Town’s distribution system to help maintain great water quality; and an extensive energy management plan that has reduced energy usage.


As part of the award, Castle Rock Water received a $1,000 prize. That money will be donated to the Douglas County Taskforce to assist low-income customers with their water bills.


This was just the first of several awards Castle Rock Water has received in the last 12 months. The Town is also being recognized for being a leader in protecting the environment. The Town recently received the Silver award from the State’s Environmental Leadership Program.


This program through the State of Colorado recognizes entities that exceed requirements of environmental regulations and take steps toward the goal of efficiency and sustainability. More than 20 actions were identified in the application for the department’s efforts for environmental health. In addition to the community’s conservation efforts, Castle Rock Water reduced paper costs through online billing, reduced energy costs, and increased water quality with progressive cross connection programs.


“Castle Rock Water’s faithful commitment to the environment extends to our staff, our customers and to the community in which we operate,” said Castle Rock Water Director Mark Marlowe. “We take our motto, be water wise, to heart.”


Customers may remember, Castle Rock Water was also recently named as having the best tasting water in Colorado. The department will now compete in a national taste test at the American Water Works Association’s annual conference in June.


To find out more about everything happening with Castle Rock Water, head to CRgov.com/water.

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