Posted on: February 3, 2017

Minor adjustments to water rates and fees add up to big community investments

Securing the Town’s long-term water future; providinggreat-tasting, safe drinking water; and improving stormwater infrastructurethroughout the community are all goals in the coming year for Castle RockWater. As the department works hard to plan for the future, funding is always aconsideration. To help accommodate the needs of the community, there will be asmall change to Castle Rock Water customer’s bill in 2017.


The new rates – approved by Town Council – will have minimalimpacts to customers but big benefits to Castle Rock, as the department worksto secure the community’s future. Castle Rock Water’s annual rates and feesanalysis determined residential customers can expect to see an average increaseof about $14 per year. These additional funds will help further the Town’slong-term water program and fund needed capital improvements to the Town’sstormwater system.


Most of these changes will be seen in customer’s water usagecharges. For some time, these charges have been based off a tiered system. Themore water customers use, the higher tiered rate they would pay.


Tier 1 is based off a customer’s average winter monthlyconsumption. This average is calculated by dividing a customer’s total waterused in November, December, January and February by four. This represents theamount of water for indoor use and the amount of wastewater treated each month.Tier 2 is the amount of water available for outdoor irrigation from Aprilthrough October. Tiers 3 and 4 are considered excessive use tiers. 


In the 2017 rates and fees structure, tiers 1 and 2 will seea small increase, while tiers 3 and 4 will experience a little more upwardmovement. This approach promotes conservation and encourages customers to takemore control of their water usage.


Fee changes will also be seen in the stormwater fixed fee.This nominal increase will help pay for stormwater capital projects andincrease flood protection throughout the community.


Lastly, system development fees will also be increased in2017. These are the fees paid by developers to make improvements to our systemand help fund our long-term renewable water plan. In the near future, thesefees will help pay for expanding Castle Rock Water’s wastewater treatmentcapacity, additional stormwater improvements and implementation of the long-termrenewable water plan.


Using financial projections, Castle Rock Water is workingstrategically to make sure any required rate increases are as small as possibleto minimize the impact to customers. When compared to other Coloradocommunities in the area, Castle Rock’s water rates are about average. Keepingcomparable rates, while still ensuring the community’s water future is a toppriority for the department.


Learn more about everything happening at Castle Rock Waterat CRgov.com/water.

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