Plant ColoradoScape

Why Xeriscape

Is it possible to have a beautiful, lush yard, without using a lot of water? Of course! Xeriscape is not the harshness of a mix of rocks and cactus. It is actually a method of design producing beautiful water-sustainable landscapes, using a variety of regionally adaptive plants. Xeriscape was developed in 1981 by a team of landscape architects, contractors, horticulturists, and irrigation specialists here in Colorado. While limiting turf area is a major component, xeriscape is more about putting the right plant in the right place and essentially establishing a common sense garden design in an arid climate. A typical xeriscape could increase your total vegetated area while simultaneously reducing water use--thus Castle Rock Water calls this landscaping style, ColoradoScape! Replacing turf with a variety of plants and hardscapes also adds interest, function and value to your home!

ColoradoScape Benefits

Save water

As much as 50 percent of residential water goes toward irrigating a yard. Following the “7 Principles of Xeriscape,” between 50 and 75 percent of the water used in traditional landscapes can be conserved by implementing a low-water use garden.

Reduce maintenance

Low-water use gardens only require periodic weeding, mulching and pruning.

Increase value

Drought-proofing a yard can increase property value. Additionally, adding hardscapes areas, such as a deck or path increase the versatility of a yard.

Improve yard aesthetics

By replacing turf areas with low-water use trees, shrubs, ground cover and flowers, a yard has more vegetation and seasonal interest while providing a habitat for butterflies and birds. Our Plant Finder includes many varieties for each style of ColoradoScape conducive to our Rocky Mountain climate.

Xeric garden with mountain backdrop

Add style

Make your neighbors take notice by adding more to your yard than the basic lawn. This site categorizes xeric-design styles such as natural, cottage, mountain and informal. The important thing to keep in mind is xeric gardens are not limited to succulents and rocks for your landscape. All design styles can be achieved using a variety of low-water use plants.

Reduce waste 

Excessive lawn clippings and over-fertilization of lawns contribute to urban runoff pollution. Lawn sprinklers often produce water waste by excessive watering and misaligned sprinkler heads. A drip system (which applies water directly to the plant where needed) is recommended for most ColoradoScapes.

Grow healthier plants 

When you group plants by water need, plants are healthier, easier to maintain and less susceptible to disease, requiring less use of pesticides and fertilizers.

Provide a great return on investment 

The upfront costs to change a landscape from turf to ColoradoScape can potentially be recouped within three to four years. This is in addition to not having to pay for (excessive) water, fertilizer and maintenance. Castle Rock Water provides rebate assistance by providing $1.10 per square foot of turf removal up to $1,500 (residential). Restrictions apply and an application is required.