A list of various informational documents is provided below to guide you through your conservation efforts. 
Name of Document Description

Lawn Watering Guide Find out how much water your lawn needs.
Rainwater Collection / Rain Barrels This brochure guides you through what you can and cannot do with a rain barrel in Colorado.
Clover and Other Mites of Turfgrass How to identify and control mite damage in your lawn.
Operating and Maintaining a Home Irrigation System Sprinkler system maintenance, management and renovation tips are highlighted.
How Your Sprinkler System Can Save Water and Money GreenCO identifies seven helpful tips to save water and money when operating your sprinkler system.
Landscaping for Energy Conservation Proper use of landscaping can modify the climate around home. 
Eliminate Grass Clipping Collection Find out why returning grass clippings on your lawn is beneficial.
Designs with Water in Mind - Discover Xeriscape  The City of Fort Collins has produced design templates for a variety of Xeric styles.