Castle Rock residents have proven their commitment to water conservation. Together, over the last several years, our water use has been reduced by 20 percent. The Water Use Management Plan, a comprehensive set of guidelines, was created to promote the efficient use of water and help meet conservation goals. Advancing our vision to be a national leader, Castle Rock Water was featured in the Colorado Water Plan promoting its conservation measures in the community.

Watering Schedule

Watering restrictions are in place June 1 through Aug. 31.

Water used for outdoor landscaping accounts for the largest demand on Castle Rock's water system. Water conservation is critical to ensure adequate supply during peak summer demand. Schedules provide a means to manage system pressure and fire flow capacities, and apply to residential and commercial buildings as well as public-use areas. In order to manage the demand on the Town's water system during the irrigation season, watering is limited to every-third-day during designated months. Learn more about Castle Rock's watering schedule.


Water 8 p.m. to 8 a.m.

During the restriction period, outdoor irrigation is permitted before 8 a.m. and / or after 8 p.m. More than 20 percent of water from sprinklers can be lost due to watering during the hotter and windier parts of the day.

Hand watering 

Watering while holding a hose in your hand is allowed at any time and on any day, as long as water waste is not occurring. Hand watering does not include irrigation with a hose and sprinkler or manual operation of an automated irrigation system.

Pressure washing

Pressure washing is allowed only with high-efficiency and low-water-use equipment with no excessive water runoff.

Washing your car 

Using a commercial car wash is suggested. Commercial car washes recycle the water. However, homeowner car washing is allowed with automatic shut off nozzles, recommended use of wash bucket and sponge, and no water waste.

Decorative fountains 

Fountains are allowed, should be recirculating, and designed to minimize evaporation.

Playing in the sprinklers

Water used for entertainment is allowed as long as a person is present and water waste is not occurring (such as water running down the street.)

Rain barrels

On Aug. 10, 2016, it became legal to capture rainwater. According to Colorado Law, homeowners can have two 55 gallon rain barrels to be used for irrigation purposes.
rain barrel infographic_

Preferred xeric plants

The Landscape and Irrigation Performance Standards and Criteria Manual identifies plants that perform well in our semi-arid, high desert climate and is used by professional landscapers in Castle Rock. A condensed version to assist you in your landscape design can be found on our Plant Finder.

Installing a new lawn

When planning to irrigate a new landscape, customers may want to obtain a temporary irrigation permit, regardless of the time of year. This permit allows residents to conduct daily watering up to 30 consecutive days for new turf, and up to 45 consecutive days for seed or other plant material. This permit does not affect the volume of water allowed, only the days in which to apply it. Watering time restrictions, if in place, still apply. Customers will be charged for the water used based on individual water budgets, so watering wisely is advised!

Nonresidential and public areas

Permissible hours of irrigation for regular nonresidential, common and public areas shall be between the hours of 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. 


The purpose of enforcement is to maintain the integrity of the water system during peak periods to ensure positive pressure exists and fire flow demands are met. This code enforcement is conducted to protect the interests of the public and protect public health and safety. The focus of the program is encouragement of compliance, as well as education, therefore first violations are issued as warnings with no surcharges applied. Subsequent violations are on a graduating scale. Water monitors, and all other Town of Castle Rock staff, are authorized to issue violations. Members of the public can submit an affidavit of out-of-compliance irrigation, upon which the Town may issue a violation.