1. Purified reuse water is coming to Castle Rock!

    Conservation and recycling go hand in hand and that applies to water too! The most economical and environmentally sound source of water is reusing the water we already have. Purified reuse water is economical because we do not have to purchase new water, nor pump it from great distances. By not mining water from deep underground and pulling excessive amounts from the creek, there are minimal disruptions to the ecosystem.

    Join us for the Reuse Water Open House on Sat., Feb. 23, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to discuss how safe, sustainable and economical purified reuse water is. Tour the plant and learn about the Advanced Treatment  processes being being installed to ensure drinking water purity! Along with a tour of the facility, enjoy refreshments, give-aways and children's activities. Plus get a taste of wine made from re-purified water.